Giải pháp Contact-Center của Tổng đài iPECS

iPECS-CCX: là bộ sản phẩm giải pháp phần mềm Contact – Center của Ericsson-LG phát triển riêng cho Tổng đài iPECS của hãng sản xuất.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise branded IP Contact Center Solution

  • Seamless and tighter integration with Unified system & UCM
  • Constant development path for iPECS-CCX by Ericsson-LG Enterprise
  • Valuable packaging with other Ericsson-LG Enterprise applications

Best suite for small & medium-sized Contact Center

  • Cost effective bundles for basic contact center with iPECS Platforms
  • Easy installation and operation with intuitive and simple functions
  • Benefits of All Software solution
  • Software based media processing through SIP
  • No PSTN media interface card

Omni-channel solution with modernized web based GUI

  • Web based agent and dashboard
  • Email, Voice Mail, Fax, Web chat
  • Social interface – Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (TBD)
  • Multi-Media Outbound Tele-Marketing

iPECS-CCX consists of basic packages and modularized options for special functions.

Basic package (Telephony Components)
• CCX CC: Multi-channel Inbound CC
• CCX Desk: Agent’s Desktop Software
• CCX Report : Monitoring and report

Optional Module (Contact Center Components)
• CCX Call – Multi-Media Outbound CC
• CCX Chat – Web chat & instant messaging clients
• CCX Social – Social Networking with Facebook
• CCX Survey – Customer Service Satisfaction
• CCX Record – Voice Recording
• CCX SMS – SMS Server
• CCX IVR – Interactive Voice Response
• CCX Coach – Agent Evaluation & Training
• PICM – Personal Information Compliance Manager

Enhanced web based Multi-channel Contact Center with stronger security

  • Web based : Save installation time (Agent, Dashboard)
  • No desktop SW install required
  • Access from anywhere
  • Dynamic agent assignment with real-time monitoring
  • Increase answer rate with minimized abandoned call
  • Many type of report & analytics
  • Rich information with CRM
  • Multi channel contacts
  • Sensitive user data protection
  • All in one package
  • Single server installation
  • Simple expansion policy (Increase only agent & HMP)

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